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       A square-proportioned, athletic dog of good substance and sturdy bone. The Dalmatian is a large, strong, muscular dog. The skull is about as wide as it is long, and flat on the top. It is built for efficiency at the trot and great endurance, and its movement should be steady and effortless. The expression is alert and intelligent; the coat short and sleek.  

       Bred to run for miles, the Dalmatian retains this tireless enthusiasm. It is a playful, eager companion that must get daily hard exercise in a safe area if it is expected to behave at home. It loves to run and may roam. It may be aggressive toward strange dogs, but it is generally good with other pets and is especially good with horses. It may be too energetic for young children. It tends to be reserved toward strangers. It can be stubborn.

       They are playful, happy, easy going and very dedicated. The Dalmatian needs a lot of leadership along with human companionship in order to be happy.They enjoys playing with children, but if they do not receive enough mental and physical exercise they may become high-strung, and too excitable for a small child. This build up of energy causes their minds to become unstable and they can become timid without enough socialization.

       Dalmatians can be trained for defense and are good watchdogs. They are quite intelligent, but can be willful if they sense their owners are in the slightest bit meek or passive, and or if the owner is not properly communicating with the dog. If you are thinking about adopting a Dalmatian puppy be sure you have the time, are authority driven and have the energy for them. If you cannot provide this for them they will become very high strung, hard to manage and destructive.

    AKC RANKING - 80
    FAMILY - scenthound, pointer
    AREA OF ORIGIN - Yugoslavia
    DATE OF ORIGIN - ancient times
    AVERAGE SIZE OF MALE - Height: 19-23 Weight: 40-60
    AVERAGE SIZE OF FEMALE - Height: 19-23 Weight: 40-60

    VISIT http://www.thespotter.org/ AND http://www.thedca.org/Newbook.html FOR MORE INFO ABOUT DALMATIANS.....