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    *YELLOW BILLED BABBLER Turdoidus affinis, S. Demalichcha 
    23cm. Bill and feet pale yellow. Bluish irides. In groups of 5-8 birds. BrR.All Zones. Very Common.

    *Main breeding season is from March to May and perhaps again in August-November.

     The Yellow-billed Babbler or White-headed Babbler (Turdoides affinis) is an Old World babbler endemic to southern India and Sri Lanka. The Yellow-billed Babbler is a common resident breeding bird in Sri Lanka and southern India. Its habitat is scrub, cultivation and garden land. This species, like most babblers, is not migratory, and has short rounded wings and a weak flight and is usually seen calling and foraging in groups. It is often mistaken for the Jungle Babbler, whose range overlaps in parts of southern India, although it has a distinctive call and tends to be found in more vegetated habitats.

    These birds have grey brown upperparts, grey throat and breast with some mottling, and a pale buff belly. The head and nape are grey. The Sri Lankan form T. a. taprobanus is drab pale grey. Nominate race of southern India has whitish crown and nape with a darker mantle. The rump is paler and the tail has a broad dark tip. Birds in the extreme south of India are very similar to the Sri Lankan subspecies with the colour of the crown and back being more grey. The eye is bluish white. The Indian form is more heavily streaked on the throat and breast.The Sri Lankan subspecies resembles the Jungle Babbler, Turdoides striatus, although that species does not occur on the island.

    Seven distinctive vocalizations have been noted in this species and this species has a higher pitched call than the Jungle Babbler. The Jungle Babbler has calls that have a harsher and nasal quality..

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    Source- Wikipedia



    1. I have just had a lovely browse around your blog.
      Wonderful images and loads of information... many thanks for sharing.

    2. Im so glad u like it. Thanx for visiting!

    3. Facinated by these birds!  I write a blog for the magazine Birds and Blooms, birdsandbloomsblog.com    I am the northwest blogger, am basically an amatuer.  Would love you to check out some of my blogs, and look forward to reading yours and learning as much as I can.  Babbler?  They are beautiful.  Nothing so exotic in my neck of the woods.

    4. Thanx Collie! yeah sure il check on ur blog. Babbler is a nice bird but sometimes their uproar gives us a serious headache..lol